"Protect your heart with a strong mind"



We all attempt to find the ideal path to walk by, but there are neither good nor bad paths

There are only directions and their consequences.


If you are reading this you are experiencing the birth of sacraf. We are few, there is only me. My name is Nick and this is the last time you hear it, because sacraf is a “we” environment focused on enlightenment, guidance, information and hope, to be shared for the people in this realm.


The brain is not a singularity, it is not alone.

It has two hemispheres, Left and Right.


The Left hemisphere is analytical, logic, objective. It gives you focus, power, control,       order.

The Right hemisphere is the part where magic happens. It is a creative zone, it is subjective, adventurous. It gives you intuition, compassion, hope


The two hemispheres are diverse but not rivals and one should not be discriminated by the other.

Left and Right gives you 2 different views of the same information.


When you have two different views of the same information,

Balance is the key.

To reach balance, one must be aware of each hemisphere.

What Left has to say, what Right is thinking?


If you know the both sides of the story

You can make a better decision


Because Life is decisions

And your decisions will define your path.