The ideal civilization system.

Since the early rise of humanity, the human craved for unity. The simple equation was undisputed. Two is better than one. Thus, groups were formed. Trust and loyalty were the main consolidations of the groups. As groups united, together they formed tribes! More and more tribes together and they form a regional civilization! In order to maintain a civilization from not being destabilized, equilibrium must be formed. Equilibrium can be formed if there is equality.

To keep this form of balance, an ideal civilization system must provide solutions to hunger, access to medical health, and a place of shelter. These basic necessities must be provided in order for each individual to have basic equal rights as the rest.

This is the reason people struggled. The cause that started wars. This is the motive that everyone fought for. This is why our ancestors died for! Our long dead warriors have fought for the main collective reason! They fought for unity! To have a planetary-one-system! To have a civilization! You might not know them, but you can witness the results of their fights! We can witness their gifts! We do not need to be born in caves anymore. We are given hospitals. We are given shelters. We do not need to stay for long times in the cold, rainy weather to hunt animals. We are given food. We are given clothes. We do not need to die early. We are given medical care! We do not need to hide or run from threat. We are given physical protection! We do not need to worry about thieves and scammers. We are given justice protection! We do not need to rediscover things that have already been discovered. We are given education. The list continues. But we must understand that these are gifts. They are given by our ancestors. They must not be taken for granted because these gifts are not eternal. To keep these gifts, we need to give only one thing back. The one thing that is the foundation of a civilization. It is the one thing that keeps everything in balance. It is called RESPECT. Respect has many varieties that we can offer. Decency, Honesty, Dignity, Trust, Fairness, Empathy, Tolerance, Civility, etc. They are all placed in the moral code.

This price seems a fair one.

We currently do not live in a planetary-one-system. We are still young. We need to continue fighting. To continue finding and solving problems. But finding and solving problems is not enough. We need to know for what we are fighting for. We need imagination. One of the future! We need a vision!

In the SACRAF series, a vision is provided.

In a civilization egotism and the desire to control and keep all the valuable things for themselves destabilize the others. The elements of selfishness and possessions can be resolved. In the 5Canton system no one owns anything, but everything can be borrowed. The basic necessities are being provided without any monetary cost due to a resource-based economy. This system can only exist if a planetary management occurs. Where all villages, cities, countries, and continents operate on the same system. Thus, a better agricultural management can be done. Thus, the safety and security of a workplace can be offered. “Jobs” and other services or products that offer no solutions to real problems would cease to exist. There would be only work task. Work existed and will continue to exist because there always will be problems. Because the world is in continue movement which means it always changes. And change brings sometimes problems. And then, sometimes there would be work. The system is named 5Canton because there are 5 areas of environment where work is needed. In the terrestrial environment, where we coexist with the lands, forests, mountains, we need to offer solutions where there is requested, so the GREEN Canton must exist! In the aquatic environment where we coexist with the lakes, rivers, oceans, we need to offer solutions where there is requested, so the BLUE Canton must exist! In the atmosphere environment where we coexist with the air, clear sky, and the dark space, we need to offer solutions where there is requested, so the BLACK Canton must exist! These require protection; thus, we need the fields of medicine, military, and safety to offer solutions where there is requested, so the RED Canton must exist! There is also something else, something that does offer solutions to problems with a different approach: art, poetry music… so the WHITE Canton must exist!

These are the 5 cantons. The 5 areas where solutions are needed! But choosing a Canton is not enough. What specific thing do you want to do? What profession do you want? There are four professions!

I am an engineer in the automotive field. So, I would be a GreenSquare!