White Training in the 5Canton
Education is mandatory and free!

WhiteTraining offers 3 main structural teachings.

Circle Training.
First lesson: Breathing

Square Training.
First lesson: Be Curious

Shield Training.
First lesson: Learn to fall

White Training trains the soul. The Soul is a combination of the Mind, the Body and the Spirit.

It is not called “school”. It is called training. You don't grow kids into adults by treating them as kids.

Training the spirit is essential. Training the mind is essential. Training the body is essential. Without even one component, the soul becomes unbalanced.

Access to information is given. Answers are available and can be obtained. Memorizing the answers is not the way. How to find them,it is! Questions are the paths to answers. The trainees are taught to search for information, to understand them and to wonder about them! They are taught to learn how to learn.

Each trainee must train a pet. Then, a youngling. Then, an adolescent.
They are taught to learn how to teach.

These are the trainings of the Master-Disciple training.

The arts of fighting are taught. Each trainee is taught how to defend itself and fight for
the good cause. This Shield training diminishes the appearance of the bully phenomena.
The bully will be discouraged to intimidate or harm someone knowing that that someone knows how to throw a punch.

White Training does not challenge your memory it challenges your understanding.

There are no grades. There is achieved and not yet.

For a society to flourish, education must be mandatory and free.